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I received two urgent requests for intercessory prayer today:
From Massachusetts, Father Jim O'Driscoll asks for prayer for his sister–in–law Emily suffering from cancer. Her doctor told her today that she has three weeks to live.

From Connecticut, Sister Mary Grace Walsh, A.S.C.J. asks for prayer for Dottie Person, a mother of two young daughters at Sacred Heart Private School in the Bronx, N.Y. Dottie is very ill at this time.

Also, from Australia, Father Paul Francis, C.P. writing on Laus Crucis asks for prayer for Passionist Father Kieran Creagh, founder of the Leratong Hospice in South Africa, who is in intensive care in hospital. Father Kieran received multiple gunshot wounds from a gang of youths on Wednesday night. One bullet is still in his lung. Otherwise he is stable but in pain. He is lucid and, according to doctors, “his condition is on the highest end of the scale it could possibly be on given the circumstances.”

I am continuing also to pray for A., a lovely young woman who has been suffering from poor health for the past several years.

Here in the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme we have the tomb of the little Servant of God Antonietta Meo, fondly known as Nennolina. Nennolina was born on December 15, 1930. She was a lively and joyful child, quick to join in games at school. One day she fell while playing in the schoolyard and injured her knee on a stone. The pain did not go away: the doctors diagnosis was osteosarcoma. Her leg was amputated. A long way of the cross ensued. Hospitalized, she suffered atrocious pain. Nennolina died on July 3, 1937. She was not seven years old.

Nennolina left behind a diary and more than one hundred letterine (little letters) addressed to Jesus, to the Madonna, and to God the Father. Nennolina's letters reveal an extraordinary mystical union with Jesus Crucified. Her tomb, at the entrance to the Chapel of the Sacred Relics of the Cross and Passion in our Basilica, has become a place of pilgrimage. If canonized, Nennolina will be the youngest saint, not a martyr, in the history of the Church.

I am going to make a daily visit to Nennolina's tomb to entrust to her intercession the intentions recommended to me. I remember being told when I was in First Grade that God always listens to the prayers of little children. I still believe that.

The following prayer may be used in asking for Nennolina's intercession. You may want to join me in making a spiritual pilgrimage to her tomb each day.

Prayer To Obtain a Favour
Through the Intercession of the Servant of God Antonietta Meo

O God, Father of the humble,
Who in Antonietta Meo hast given us a living image
of Thy Love and Thy Wisdom revealed to little children,
and Who gavest her the grace of being united to the Cross of Our Lord Jesus
whilst suffering with fortitude and with joy,
do Thou glorify her, we beseech Thee, in Thy Church here on earth,
that she may shine before the eyes of all
as an example of innocence, of abandonment, and of faith.

Grant us, we pray, her simple and passionate love
for the Most Holy Eucharist and for the Church.
Look with mercy upon our poverty and weakness
and through her intercession, grant us, according to Thy Holy Will,
the grace we confidently ask.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be)

To request images of the Servant of God Antonietta Meo and to report graces received through her intercession, write to me:

R. P. Don Marco, O.Cist.
Abbazia Santa Croce in Gerusalemme
Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 12
I–00185 Roma, Italia


Father I will join you in your pilgrimage and in your prayers for intercession.

I have been pleased to receive some of your messages via friends attached to the Devotion of the Holy Face. Only recently did I connect you with the Monastery of the Glorious Cross in Branford, CT. I believe I was privileged to attend a seminar there several years ago and heard you speak at that time. I'm now living in Ohio and am so overjoyed to reconnect with adorers of the Holy Face and especially the Benedictine Sisters in CT.

May God's sweetest blessings be bestowed on you and all for whom you pray and serve. _Pat

I join with you in praying to Nennolina for all the intentions.

Thank you for posting the info about Nennolina, particularly the prayer, which we will be reproducing for distribution. My father, a devout Catholic of 82 years, is asking for the intercession of Nennolina for the healing of my mother diagnosed with Mesothelioma on Christmas Eve 2007. Her name is Joan (Doadie) Dober. Our family would be ever so grateful if you would remember the cause of her healing to Nennolina when you visit her tomb. Thank you and God richly bless you!

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