For Priests

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O my beloved Jesus,
true Friend of my heart,
Priest of the Father,
Anointed of the Holy Spirit,
Immaculate Victim upon the altar of the Cross
and upon the altars of the Church, Thy Spouse,
I adore Thee.

Tell me how Thou wouldst have me live this Thursday in Thy presence.
Thou wouldst have me watch before Thy Eucharistic Face;
Thou desirest that I should abide close, very close, to Thy Open Heart.
Thou callest me near to Thee,
that I might remain there in the name of all priests,
and in their place.

Thou wouldst heal the priests of Thy Church.
Thou wouldst purify them.
Thou desirest to make them shine with holiness.

I can offer Thee only what Thou hast asked of me:
to give Thee all the Thursdays of my life
and to spend them, insofar as possible,
with Thee in the Sacrament of Thy Love,
so as to receive there all the graces destined for Thy priests.

Let me be before Thee as an empty chalice,
prepared to receive the wine and the water that will become Thy Precious Blood.
Fill Thou, I beseech Thee, the chalice of my heart
with Thy mercy and Thy love.
Make the chalice of my heart overflow with graces for all Thy priests:
for those who never tarry before Thy Eucharistic Face,
for those who have not discovered Thy Open Heart
hidden in the Sacrament of Thy Love.

Heal those of Thy priests who are sick.
Purify Thy priests stained by sin.
Raise up Thy priests who are fallen.
Console Thy priests who are disheartened.
Be Thou the Friend of Thy priests who are alone.
Pray in Thy priests who fail to pray.
Instruct Thy priests in the knowledge of Thy Holy Mysteries.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, sanctify and renew
the priesthood of Thy Church.

Open the hearts of Thy priests
to the gift which Thou didst offer to John, Thy beloved disciple,
when Thou didst say to him: "Behold thy mother."
Pour forth in abundance this same grace of Mary
upon all Thy priests today.
Let each one take Mary into his home;
let each one learn to live in her presence.
She is the Mediatrix of all graces first of all for Thy priests,
pour those whom Thou hast chosen to stand with Thee,
the One Mediator, in the presence of the Father.

Let thy priests be recognized by the Father
as co-mediators with Thee.
Impress in their souls, O Jesus, Thy five glorious wounds,
for it is by them,
that they shall be accredited in the presence of the Father.

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About Dom Mark

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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