When a Priest Adores

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Reading the biography of Virginie Danion (1819-1900), foundress of the community of L'Action de Grâces de Mauron, I came upon this excerpt of a letter written to her in November 1855 by the Bishop of Lucon, Monseigneur Jacques-Marie-Joseph Baillès (1798–1873). It so moved me that I translated it from the French. There is nothing, I think, as compelling as the sight of a priest in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. In an age of locked churches, of churches opened only for "services" — ah! the Protestant ring of that! — it is a rare thing. And yet, there is no more effective way of communicating to souls the truth about the Most Holy Eucharist.

"I never go up into the pulpit without seeking to move [souls] to love of the Divine Eucharist, and I often recommend the visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Given that example speaks louder than words, I go habitually to recite Vespers, Compline, and later, Matins and Lauds before the Blessed Sacrament in the cathedral, and at nightfall I make a half-hour's meditation there. The Lord will, I hope, bless these efforts, by stirring up in a greater number of souls the desire to visit the Blessed Sacrament. I say this only for you, so that your heart may be consoled by it. Persevere in your holy undertaking, in the midst of difficulties and contradictions. The railway cars are overflowing with travelers while the avenues leading to churches where the Holy Eucharist resides are deserted. This is truly the hidden and unknown God. Apply yourself to making Him known, praised, loved, blessed and welcomed."


There is nothing so edifying as when a Priest comes out right after Mass and kneels before the Tabernacle in prayer and thanksgiving instead of rushing to the back of the church to shake every ones hand as they leave. This sets the tone of the parish in making time after Mass to grow in our prayer life.

I went to a 5:30 PM weekday Mass this evening and arrived a half hour early to pray. As I looked toward the tabernacle I noticied the priest who would offer the Holy Mass in prayer sitting in a chair staring at the tabernacle. I don't know how long he was there before I arrived. I thanked Jesus for this priest.

The sight of a priest adoring the Most Holy Eucharist is the best example , it is a real blessing. I can see the Sacred Heart of Jesus burning with Love !

I pray that many priests will join us in adoration.

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