The Holy Father Asks for Our Prayers

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The Holy Father asks to be joined by the prayers of all the faithful, so that the Lord may enlighten the path of the Church. May the effort of the Pastors and of all the faithful grow in support of the delicate and burdensome mission of the Successor of Apostle Peter as "custodian of the unity" in the Church.
From the Vatican, February 4, 2009.

Full text of the Secretariat of State here.


Dear Fr:

Yes, he has, and it justifies the Petition in his support. That last paragraph shows us that it is what he wants to hear from us. And what he should hear from us. He started his Pontificate by asking for our prayers. He knew that they would be essential. All Catholics who love our Lord, His Church, and his Vicar on earth, should sign it. It is gathering ground Fr Z now has it as his banner.

I have done my best to promulgate its importance since yesterday. When I read the Secretariat statement, I was vindicated in having believed that I spent my time according to the Lord's will. All was done with calm and reason. sustained by prayer. The fact that the Holy Father has asked for something we were already preparing, and that please God, he now knows about it, is a cause of great joy and hope.

I'm not sure, but I think the signatures have gone through by email, at the end of the petition letter each time someone signed. The last time I looked it was up to 15,022, involving the 28,432 children of the signatories.
He will love that, becuase they are the future.
That must have given the team that handles the Papal inboc something to deal with over the past 24 hours..

Dear Holy Father, you have always had our prayers, and if you do not know already, which I doubt, you very soon will.

Father Mark, Thank you for keeping us on the spiritual 'straight and narrow'.

I need to ask something very especial
would you help me to support our Dear Pope.
here is the link.


Where are the Trumpets?

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