June: Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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I am very blessed to have been born in the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today, June 2, is my 57th birthday and the 6th birthday of my nephew Michael Colin Kirby. I am in New Hampshire with my brother and his family at the moment and will be returning to Tulsa tomorrow. When Michael Colin, a child of the sea and surf, was asked what he would like for his birthday supper, he replied, "Lobster and steamers!"

I will try during the month of June to continue the meditations on the Litany of the Sacred Heart that I began two years ago. They can be found in the Sacred Heart archives of Vultus Christi.

One of my favourite prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is this one, written by Cardinal Newman. It is as theologically precise as it is tenderly human. I am especially moved by Newman's allusion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus: "Thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist and thou beatest for us still."

My God, my Saviour, I adore Thy Sacred Heart,
for that heart is the seat and source
of all Thy tenderest human affections for us sinners.
It is the instrument and organ of Thy love.
It did beat for us. It yearned over us.
It ached for us, and for our salvation.
It was on fire through zeal, that the glory of God might be manifested in and by us.
It is the channel through which has come to us all Thy overflowing human affection,
all Thy Divine Charity towards us.
All Thy incomprehensible compassion for us, as God and Man, as our Creator and our Redeemer and Judge, has come to us, and comes,
in one inseparably mingled stream, through that Sacred Heart.
O most Sacred symbol and Sacrament of Love, divine and human, in its fulness,
Thou didst save me by Thy divine strength, and Thy human affection,
and then at length by that wonder-working blood, wherewith Thou didst overflow.
O most Sacred, most loving Heart of Jesus,
Thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist, and Thou beatest for us still.
Now as then Thou savest,
Desiderio desideravi--"With desire I have desired."
I worship Thee then with all my best love and awe,
with my fervent affection, with my most subdued, most resolved will.
O my God, when Thou dost condescend to suffer me to receive Thee,
to eat and drink Thee, and Thou for a while takest up Thy abode within me,
O make my heart beat with Thy Heart.
Purify it of all that is earthly, all that is proud and sensual,
all that is hard and cruel, of all perversity, of all disorder, of all deadness.
So fill it with Thee, that neither the events of the day
nor the circumstances of the time may have power to ruffle it,
but that in Thy love and Thy fear it may have peace.

The Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman


Dear Father Mark,

happy birthday to you and your nephew! And many more.

all best,

Dear Father Mark,

Happy Birthday to both of you.

Your nephew Father has a good taste, being in New Hampshire lobster seems to me like a great choice for supper.

I love the picture of The Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus . I always think of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord like that.
The prayer is so beautiful... I will make it my prayer as well.

Leaving for Rome in two days. I will think of you Father on June 19th Holy Mass.

Well HEY! HEY! HEY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Father Mark, and to your nephew!

You've got a few years on me and you are much wiser.

Ad multos annos!

Happy Birthday Father Mark from Kevin in Sapulpa :)

Happy Birthday to you and your nephew, Father!
I am always edified by your posts, and will pray and pass along Newman's beautiful prayer.

You share your birthday with another young one. Our David turned 11 on June 2. Please remember him in your prayers, and we, of course, remember you.

Jen F.

Everything you write,Fr. Mark,is beautiful.
Happy Birthday!

Many. many blessings to you and your nephew as you celebrate your birthdays during this special month of our Lord's Sacred Heart. May the Lord grant you, and all your brother priests, an incredible new birth in your priestly ministry to the people of God! May He richly bless you with profound gifts of incredible grace, renewed strength, and a bounteous outpouring of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit throughout the upcoming Year for Priests! Thank you for all that you share here and all that you do for Christ's Mystical Body as one of His holy priests!

Dear Father Mark,
Happy Belated Birthday!

Thank You Lord for the gift of your faithful servant -Father Mark Daniel Kirby.

I offer many prayers of thanksgiving your presence and vocation, and most especially for your parents, as they assisted Our Lord in preparing you for your answer to His Call.

We are richly blessed by your spiritual wisdom, knowledge and most especially by your love for Christ and by your love for each of us- His sheep. You are a true shepherd. Thank you and God bless you, your work, and your family. May Our Dear Blessed Mother continue to protect you under her mantle of love. You and all priests are in my prayers.

Please, who painted the Sacred Heart picture above? Is it available on the internet?

Joe Pelham

Joe, the picture is a detail of the fresco above the altar in the Chapel of the Apparitions at the Monastery of the Visitation in Paray-le-Monial, France. It was there that Our Lord appeared to Saint Margaret Mary, revealing His Sacred Heart.

Thank you Fr. Mark.
I ask because in this fresco the often portrayed 'anatomical' details are ecclipsed by the spiritual gift, which surely was foremost in the mind of St. Margaret Mary when she described the Sacred Heart as "like a sun ablaze with a dazzling light" (& probably not anatomically correct proportions). I've found one tiny image of it in a reproduction triptych, but nothing so large as yours. If you will please forgive the bother - did you find an image of the entire fresco on the internet?
I very gladly and gratefully join the chorus of prayers offered for you by the kind commentators above.

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