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In The Declarations of the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict for the Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle, we read:

36. The Master of Novices will ensure that postulants and novices are given a thorough grounding in the Benedictine way of life, and receive an adequate intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation. Among the Benedictine authors presented and studied, the writings of Blessed Columba Marmion will hold a place of choice.

Declarations on the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict are to monastic families what Constitutions would be to modern congregations. They are simply a series of clarifications on how the Holy Rule is lived and applied in the concrete circumstances of a given monastic family.

Yes, Blessed Abbot Columba Marmion will become a friend and father to those who, "seeking God truly," will present themselves as postulants for Tulsa's new Benedictine monastery.

Today is our first "Work Day." Friends of the monastery, many of them Spiritual Mothers of Priests, will gather for Holy Mass at 9:00, followed by a concerted effort to get both little houses ready for the arrival of Diego and CJ on Tuesday.

Until the new monastery is constructed, we will be living in two little rented houses in a residential neighborhood in midtown Tulsa. Not the ideal monastic situation . . . but one that invites us to practice the little way of Saint Thérèse and the humble virtues of the hidden life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Nazareth.


Father Mark,

Thanks again for all this on Blessed Marmion. I hope you got my latest note.

With regard to the rest of you looking in, please don't ignore this wonderful saint. I've recently gone through a rough patch medically, and I can personally attest to the blessed Abbot's kindness and intercession.

His words, although written nearly a hundred years ago, are tremendously accessible. I admire countless saints, but Blessed Marmion is the first for whom I've had feelings akin to friendship. He points the way to Our Lord, and he won't fail you.

This post on his feast is my public acknowledgment of gratitude to this humble man of God. As a favor to him, would you all mind praying this prayer on his behalf?

O Lord, our God, You have given Your servant, Columba, to understand so well that by our Baptism we are Your adopted children and brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ: as a good Father graciously hear the prayers which we address to You to obtain through his intercession this favor. Teach us by his example and doctrine how to live generously as true Christians with a childlike confidence and a simplicity abounding in love. Likewise, if such is Your pleasure, show clearly by miracles, how pleasing Your servant is to You, so that Holy Mother Church may be able to declare him a Saint. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Fr Mark:
I would be willing to part with my two Marmion books if it would help you to build a library for your postulants and novices. I have "Christ, The Life of the Soul" (Herder, 11th ed) and "Christ in His Mysteries" (Herder, 9th ed). Just email me your shipping address if you'd like to have them.

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