Ascension Thursday 2010

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As promised, here are more photos taken on Ascension Thursday, the day of Brother Thomas Mary's reception of the monastic habit. Readers of Vultus Christi will recognize His Excellency, Bishop Slattery.


1 Ant. I have a new commandment to give you, says the Lord, that you are to love one another; that your love for one another is to be like the love that I have borne you. V. Blessed are they who pass through life's journey unstained, who follow the law of the Lord. Ant.

2 Ant. Lord, is it for thee to wash my feet? Jesus answered him: If
I do not wash thee, it means thou hast no companionship with me Blessed are they who pass through life's journey unstained, who follow the law of the Lord. Ant.

3 Ant. The mark by which all men will know you for my disciples will be the love you bear one another. V. Jesus said to His disciples: Ant.

Clothing 1 .JPG

Clothing 2.JPG

Thomas removes his outer clothing, while His Excellency says:
Bishop Slattery: May the Lord strip you of the old man and His deeds.

Clothing 3.JPG

Then the Bishop clothes Him in the tunic, saying:
May Our Lord Jesus Christ so clothe you with His grace,
that you may share by patience in His sufferings,
and bear inwardly the image of His Face. R. Amen.

Clothing 4.JPG

Clothing 5.JPG

Then, he girds Him with the cincture, saying:
May Our Lord Jesus Christ gird you
with the cincture of a perfect chastity
in honor of His Immaculate Mother,
of Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse,
and of Saint John, His beloved virgin disciple,
that you may follow the Lamb wheresoever He goes.
R. Amen.

Clothing 6.JPG

Then, he clothes Him in the scapular, saying:
Brother Thomas Mary,
receive the yoke of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is meek and humble of heart.
Thus will you find rest for your soul,
for His yoke is easy and His burden light. R. Amen.

Ascension 2010 1.JPG

In front of the monastery with our dear friend and Oblate, Dr. Tracy Loper.

Ascension 2010 2.JPG


Dear Fr. Mark,

EXCELLENT photos of the vestition--and WONDERFUL of the bishop to come to do it himself!!!!

Please keep the photos coming as often as you can. They really help give us a better connection to your life in Tulsa.

BTW, who were the other monks in the choir?

Fr. Martin,op

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