The Priesthood and the Holy Face

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My friend, Msgr A.B.C., was kind enough to send me from Rome today, the text of a prayer for priests composed by the recently beatified Blessed Maria Pierina de Micheli (1890-1945). It was to Blessed Maria Pierina that Our Lord gave the scapular of His Holy Face, which later became the medal of the Holy Face distributed throughout the world. Blessed Maria Pierina died on 26 July 1945. Her liturgical memorial is celebrated on 11 September.

Prayer of Blessed Maria Pierina De Micheli for Priests

Eterno Padre,
offriamo il Santo Volto del Tuo Figlio Gesù
per le mani di Maria,
con l'intero generoso olocausto di tutte noi stesse
in riparazione di tanti peccati che si commettono,
specialmente della offese al SS. Sacramento dell'Altare.
Te lo offriamo in modo particolare
perché i Sacerdoti mostrino al mondo
con la santità della vita,
l'adorabile fisionomia del Divin Volto,
irradiando la luce della verità e dell'amore
per il trionfo della Chiesa
e la propagazione del Regno.

Eternal Father,
we offer Thee, with the hands of Mary,
the Holy Face of Jesus, Thy Son,
and the entire generous holocaust
of all that we are,
in reparation for so many sins that are committed,
and, especially, for offenses against the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
We make this offering, in a particular way,
so that Priests, by the holiness of their lives,
may show the world the adorable features of the Divine Countenance
shining with the light of truth and of love,
for the triumph of the Church,
and for the spread of the Kingdom.


Thank you for this prayer, Father Mark.

This is a prayer I wish to emblazon upon my heart and to offer it up to the Blessed Trinity with each beat of my heart.

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