The Joy of the Cenacle

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It is right that you should feel joy and peace
in my presence here tonight
because it is the presence of Love,
infinite, living Love.

So few souls understand that my Eucharistic Presence
is all Love,
and that when they approach my altar,
or kneel before my tabernacle,
or gaze upon my Sacramental Form,
they are in the presence
of Love so powerful and so gentle
that nothing created can be compared to it.

I instituted the Sacrament of my Body and Blood
so that souls might eat Love,
drink Love,
and abide in Love's company.

I did this for all souls until the end of time,
but especially for my priests.
My priests hunger for Love,
my priests thirst for Love,
my priests seek the company of Love,
but so few of them come to me
in the Sacrament of Love.

You are experiencing joy in my presence tonight:
that too is right
for I intended,
--from the night before I suffered, this night--
that the Sacrament of my Body and Blood
should be a fountain of pure joy
set in the midst of my Church
to irrigate the whole world.

Where I am present
there will always be joy.
Nothing so demonstrates the reality of my presence
as the joy that souls find
when they approach me in the Sacrament of my Love,
and leave my presence changed,
transformed because they have encountered in me
the one joy that contains no admixture of bitterness,
the one joy that will never disappoint,
or decrease,
or come to fail in any way.

This is the joy of which I spoke to my Apostles
in the Upper Room:
not joy as the world knows it and promises it,
but joy that is divine in its source
and wonderfully fruitful in all its effects.

Read what I said concerning joy,
and take it to heart:
"Ask and you shall receive,
that your joy may be full."

My Sacramental Presence is a wellspring of joy
that will never run dry.
My thirst is that souls should quench their thirst
by coming to me.

The world peddles so many false joys:
joys that turn to bitterness,
to sorrow,
and to a sentiment of emptiness.
Too many, even among my priests,
are deceived by what the world counts as joy.

If only they would come to me,
I would give them a joy that surpasses
all that the world can offer;
for the joy that I give is a sharing in my Divine Life
with the Father and with the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing old about this joy;
it is forever young
and it revitalizes those who experience it.
In my life with the Father and the Holy Spirit
there is an eternal youthfulness:
our Trinitarian life is fresh, pure, and lovely
in itself and in all its works.

For this reason
joy is a sure sign of Our presence
and of Our work in the Church and in souls.

I created you for Love:
infinite Love, divine Love,
and that Love is here, for you,
in the Sacrament of my Body and Blood.

Remain in my presence
and you will know the Love
for which I created your mind and your heart.
Remain in my presence
and your soul will experience the joy
that is my kiss of Love, my kiss of friendship,
the seal of my fidelity,
and the communication of my sweetness.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest


Thank you.

I will remember your words,
God willing, when I experience
1st Communion tomorrow.



"I instituted the Sacrament of my Body and Blood
so that souls might eat Love,
drink Love,
and abide in Love's company."

Thank you, Father!

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