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This painting depicts Our Lord as he appeared in the Sacred Host exposed in the monstrance at the Institute of Loreto in Bordeaux, France on Septuagesima Sunday, 3 February 1822. Read about this manifestation of the Eucharistic Face of Jesus here

Lord Jesus Christ,
King who art all meek and humble,
Beloved Friend,
and Physician of souls and bodies,
I adore Thee who art present here before me,
with all the love of my heart,
and I thank Thee that Thou hast brought me
into Thy Real Presence
-- to be hidden as Thou art hidden
-- to be silent as Thou art silent,
-- to be welcoming to Thee
as Thou art welcoming to me,
-- to be poor as Thou art poor,
--and to be offered
as Thou art offered
at every moment
to the Father
in this the Sacrament of Thy Love.

O Divine Victim,
Thou art the pattern of my life,
and the very form of my consecration to the Father:
hostia pura, hostia sancta, hostia immaculata!
Let me gaze upon Thy Eucharistic Face
so as to become a reflection of Thy Eucharistic Face,
and an image in this world,
at at this hour,
of Thy perpetual oblation to the Father
and Thy fidelity to the Church, Thy Body and Thy Bride.


You have only to prefer My company
to every other companionship,
the love of My Heart to the love of every other heart,
and the sound of My voice in the silence of your soul
to every other voice.

I have called you to be for Me another John
and this vocation of yours remains My plan for you.
You have only to abide close to Me,
to seek Me before all else,
and to put nothing whatsoever
before My love for you
and the love I have placed in your heart
to love Me in return.

Love Me in this way
not only for yourself,
but for all your brother priests
whose hearts have grown indifferent and cold.
Love Me for them.
Take their place before My Eucharistic Face.

Persevere in loving Me and in adoring Me
for those poor priests of Mine
who no longer love Me
and who never adore Me.
They are many
and the sorrow of My Heart over such priests
is a sorrow that no human language can describe,
for it is a divine sorrow;
it is the grieving of a Divine Heart.
It is the pain of an infinite Love rejected again and again
by finite creatures who have become blind
in a terrible darkness of the spirit.

Love Me, then, and console My Heart
by adoring Me for them.
When I see you before Me,
I will see them,
and in seeing them,
I will be moved to show them pity,
and many of those who are far from Me
will return to My tabernacles;
and many of those who have spurned My Divine Friendship
will, in the end, surrender to the embrace of My mercy.
Do your part,
and I will fulfil all that I have promised.

There is no need to force your prayer
as if it were something of your own doing.
It is enough to remain with Me,
content to be in My presence
as I am content to be in yours.

Adore Me and trust Me to restore your energy,
your health, and your joy in My service.
Those who adore Me know that My presence
renews the soul and the body.
Experience this -- as you already did today --
and teach others to find in My presence
the rest for which they long,
the peace that the world cannot give,
the joy that renews the heart,
and the strength to follow Me in My sufferings,
even along the way of the Cross.

To adore Me is to demonstrate
that all your hope is in Me.
To adore Me is to show Me
that you count not on yourself nor on others,
but on Me alone.

To adore Me is to give Me the freedom to act
within you and upon you
in such a way
as to unite you wholly to myself
as you have asked Me to do:
My Heart to your heart,
My Soul to your soul,
My Body to your body,
My Blood to your blood.

The work of adoration is little understood,
even by those who claim to be My adorers.
There is no need to fill up the time of adoration
with thoughts and words,
as if it all depended on your doing something.

It is sufficient to speak to Me
as the Holy Spirit gives you to speak,
to listen to Me with the ear of your heart,
and to abide in the light of My Face
for those who languish in the darkness of sin
and in the refusal of My love, My truth, and My life.

There is no work more precious than this work.
In My presence, you are ministering to souls in every time and place.
In My presence, I am using you to accomplish
all that My Heart desires to communicate to souls,
and, first of all, to My priests.

I have not called you to build nor to organize,
nor have I called you to speak much,
nor have I called you to appear much in the sight of men.
I have called you to a life as hidden
as is My life in the Sacrament of My Love.

Consent to be hidden.
Let Me hide you
as you hide Me in the tabernacle.
My Heart is your tabernacle,
and you are My host.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Deus Absconditus

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Observe Me in the Sacrament of My Love.
The Sacred Host that you see is silent,
still, humble, poor, and hidden.
Imitate Me in the Sacrament of My Love.
Become silent, still, humble, poor, and hidden.

Hide yourself in Me
as I am hidden in the tabernacle,
and as I am hidden beneath the appearance of the Sacred Host.

Outside of Me there is nothing for you,
and with Me,
in My presence,
is all that your heart desires.
Do not look outside of Me
for anything to fulfil your heart's desires.
Instead, hide yourself in Me,
as I hide myself for love of you
in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

How I love hidden souls!
In them I see a reflection of My Mother's hiddenness,
and of the hiddenness of Saint Joseph,
My human father on earth.

Hiddenness is the virtue of those who adore Me hidden
in the Sacrament of My Love.
I am a hidden God,
but I reveal myself face-to-face
to those who hide themselves in Me.

Withdraw more and more from the sight of men.
Seek to go unnoticed.
Hide yourself in Me and with Me
in the bosom of My Father.
Rest in Me,
and be content to abide
where you are not seen, or known, or praised.

Do the work that I entrust to you,
and then be content to disappear,
once you have led souls to the contemplation of My Eucharistic Face
and to the love of My Eucharistic Heart.

The grace of hiddenness and silence
is not given to all,
but it is the grace by which I mark souls
destined to a Eucharistic life,
to a life of adoration
in which they grow in resemblance to Me
hidden in the Sacrament of My Love.
This does not happen all at once;
but it will happen to all who give their consent
to the work of My love in their souls,
and who are faithful to the adoration of My hidden Face,
My Eucharistic Face.

This hiddenness cannot be imposed from without,
nor can it be taught as one would teach a skill.
It is My gift,
and the realization of My likeness
in the souls I have called to a life of Eucharistic adoration.

See how hidden I am in the Gospels,
even when I reveal myself, I remain hidden.
Only the Father knows Me
and those to whom the Father gives the knowledge of My hiddenness.

I am a hidden God
and those whom I call to adore Me
must hide themselves in Me,
becoming hidden from the eyes of the world,
and hidden even from themselves,
having a pure gaze fixed upon Me alone,
even as My pure filial gaze is fixed upon My Father in heaven.

Learn what it means to be hidden:
it is to be free of preoccupations with yourself,
with the opinions of others,
and with what the world may say
of you or of Me.
It is to live for Me alone
even as I live for the Father.

Hide yourself in Me
as I am hidden in the glory of My Father.
Hide yourself in Me
as I am hidden in the bright cloud of the Holy Spirit.
Hide yourself in Me
as I am hidden in the sacred species.
Hide yourself in My Heart
as I am hidden in the tabernacles of the world,
unseen, unknown, and forgotten by men.

I call you to this hidden life
because I am the hidden God
and because My Eucharistic life in your midst is a hidden life.

Those who would be My adorers
must consent to live in My tabernacle hidden with Me
and, at the same time,
loving as I love:
loving the Father as I love Him,
loving souls as I love them,
suffering coldness, rejection, misunderstanding
and abandonment
with Me and for Me.

Understand these things
and you will have begun to understand the Eucharistic life
to which I call you more and more.
Apart from those souls
whom I call to this life of adoration,
such a hiddenness will appear foolish and inhuman,
but it will act as a leaven upon the whole mass of dough
until it rises and becomes a perfect loaf fit for My oblation.
It is a spark of light being kept burning
for a world plunged into darkness.
It is a drop of divine sweetness
in a sea of bitterness and misery.
It is a presence of Love
in a world from which love is absent.

Love My hiddenness
and hide yourself in Me.
Withdraw from all that solicits your attention,
your energy, and your time
into the secret of My Eucharistic Face.
There I will show you
how best to do the things I ask you to do.
There I will give you a peace
that no one will perturb or take from you.
There I will use you
for the sanctification of My priests
and for the consolation of My Church.
Do you want this?

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Come Unto Me

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Intercession for other souls is a work of love.
It consists in placing oneself with Me before the Father,
with a boundless trust in the merits of My Passion
and in the wounds that I present to the Father
on behalf of all who approach Him with confidence,
through Me.

I live in the Sacrament of My Love
as I live in heaven,
in a ceaseless state of intercession
for all who believe in Me
and come to Me with the weight of life's burdens and sorrows.
There is nothing that I will not do
for the soul who approaches Me with confidence.

For this reason did I wish to remain present
in the Sacrament of My Love
until the end of time:
so that souls might know where to find Me,
and approach Me easily,
certain of being heard,
and trusting in the mercy of My Heart
for a world marked by suffering
and ravaged by sin.

There is no form of intercessory prayer more efficacious
than that of the soul who approaches My Eucharistic Presence
certain of finding Me,
and certain of being heard.
I am not distant from souls in need.
I have made Myself close to them,
as close as the nearest tabernacle.
Would that my people understood this!
My churches would be filled to overflowing
at every hour of the day and night.
I would never be left alone in the Sacrament of My Love.

The exercise of faith increases faith.
The exercise of confidence causes confidence to grow.
One who approaches My tabernacle in faith
is giving evidence of a complete reliance on My Merciful Love.
The Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar is My Heart
open to receive those who will respond
to My timeless invitation:
Come unto Me,
all you that labour, and are burdened,
and I will refresh you.
Take up My yoke upon you, and learn of Me,
because I am meek and humble of heart,
and you shall find rest to your souls.
For My yoke is sweet, and My burden light.

One who approaches Me frequently
in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar
will discover that he is yoked to Me
by an unbreakable bond of love.
He will discover, by personal experience,
that I share in all his sorrows,
that I bring him relief in afflictions,
that I carry his burdens with him,
and that he is never, not even for a moment,
forsaken or left to himself alone.

What I am teaching you
is more than the simple visit to Me in the Sacrament of My Love;
it is a way of approaching Me marked by absolute confidence
in My intercession with the Father.
It is an act of faith in My Merciful Love,
and a way of disposing oneself to receive
the waters of life that stream abundantly
from My open Side.

Do souls believe in My Real Presence
in the tabernacles of My churches?
Have they altogether forgotten
who I am and where I am to be found?
Has the faith of My priests in the Sacrament of My Love
grown so tepid and so weak
that the souls entrusted to them
have lost the simple instinct of the believing heart,
that is, to seek Me out
in the Most Holy Eucharist,
and to abide in My presence,
loving Me, and allowing Me to love freely
those who come to Me,
to heal their wounds,
and to draw them into the sanctuary
of My open Side?

The emptiness of My churches
is an affront to My Love,
to the Love that compelled Me to give Myself,
by the hands of My priests,
under the forms of bread and wine,
so that no one might perish from hunger or thirst
on the road to eternity.

I am all Love in the Sacrament of My Love.
My Heart is open to receive all,
even those who have in their souls
no more than the faintest spark of faith
in My Real Presence.
Let them come to Me,
and that little spark will become a shining flame
giving joy and hope to all who perceive its light.

The emptiness of My churches
apart from the hours of the liturgical offices,
is an indictment,
first of all, of My priests,
and then, of my faithful.
My Eucharistic Presence meets with coldness,
with indifference, and with a chilling ingratitude,
even on the part of My priests
and of consecrated souls.
They fail to recognize in the mystery
of the Most Holy Eucharist
the pearl of great price,
the treasure once hidden in the field,
but now offered freely
to all who would partake of its inexhaustible riches.

I am left alone in a world where so many lament their loneliness.
If only souls would come to Me
and would tarry in My presence,
they would discover a Love that fills the heart so completely
that it dispels every loneliness
and becomes wondrously fruitful
in the live of those who accept it.

Your life, your vocation, your mission now
is to abide in My sacramental Presence.
It is to console My Eucharistic Heart
and to expose your soul to the radiance of My Eucharistic Face
for the sake of so many of your brother priests
who stumble about in a darkness
that no earthly light can dispel.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

About Dom Mark

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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